* It’s time to drill and fix the energy crisis

* Time to drill and solve the oil problem now

* Make donations to local food bank

* Marcy man example of SUNYIT success story

* Advertisement focuses on the wrong person

* ARC and Rescue Mission are assets to the area

* Taxpayers need to hold leaders accountable

It’s time to drill and fix the energy crisis

Much has been said about the cost of gasoline, but little has been said about the cost of fuel oil to heat our homes this coming winter.

The price of fuel oil is in the area of $4.25 per gallon. How will those on a fixed income make it through the cold winter months?

U.S. Rep. Michael Arcuri speaks of pellet stoves as a solution to keep from freezing and indeed they may help. But has Arcuri priced the cost of pellet stoves? Most stoves installed cost $2,500 or more, plus the cost of pellets. Perhaps Arcuri should submit legislation to provide assistance, tax credits or outright grants to those persons who purchased heating equipment that will reduce the use of fuel oil.

Congress needs to do its work to save many lives this winter. It’s time to drill and it’s time for the Democrats to cooperate with Republicans and get this energy fiasco fixed.



Time to drill and solve the oil problem now

Presidential candidate Barack Obama gave the same weak response about drilling for oil offshore. Essentially, he said that it would be five years until we would see the results.

As I recall, former President Bill Clinton vetoed drilling in Anwar in 1996. That was 12 years ago. If we had started back then, we would have realized more than 1 million barrels a day.

I guess it is just easier to blame President Bush for a problem he inherited. As president, how would he solve this problem? The solution is easy, drill now.



Make donations to local food bank

It was heartbreaking to see on TV the nearly empty shelves at our Utica Community Food Bank. This is a problem happening all over our country, and with summer recess and children home from school, the urgency is profound.

Our local manager is asking churches and organizations to ask their members — who are able — to contribute a nonperishable item at their services and meetings. Hundreds of items could be collected in this manner.

Atlanta, Ga. has established a program asking families to fill a small box for their food bank by purchasing one additional item each time they shop.

Once this is accomplished here, the box can be dropped off at 110 Bleecker St., Utica, and a new box started.

If we all do our small part, these empty shelves could once again be full, and the stomachs and souls of our needy can be nourished again.



Marcy man example of SUNYIT success story

Congratulations to SUNYIT graduate and Marcy resident James Silva, whose game-designing achievements were featured in an Associated Press article published in the June 25 O-D.

Originally from Clifton Park, Silva earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from SUNYIT, and then his hard work, unique talents and lifelong interest in computer and video game design launched a successful career.

He is truly an outstanding example of SUNYIT’s more than 20,000 alumni, many of whom live, work and achieve in the Mohawk Valley.


SUNYIT director of public relations and communications

Advertisement focuses on the wrong person

An R.A. Dudrak, Inc. advertisement reads: “High cost of gasoline & fuel … Congressman Arcuri where are you?”

Seven-and-half years ago, when the Iraqi war started, the price of gasoline at the pump was $1.46 a gallon. Newspapers reported that gasoline would drop to $1 after the war. At present, gasoline is being sold for $4.25 per gallon.

President George Bush has been in office for the past seven-and-half years, while Congressman (Michael) Arcuri has been in office for one-and-a-half years.

The advertisement should have addressed the question to President Bush about the escalation of gas prices, fabrication of the war with Iraq, bankrupting the country, destroying the economy and damaging our relations with many of our friendly countries worldwide instead of Congressman Arcuri.



ARC and Rescue Mission are assets to the area

What right does J. Mark Ford have for criticizing the ARC’s downtown location? ARC does an excellent job with its clients. I believe its downtown site is used for offices. It’s not a threat.

As far as the Rescue Mission is concerned, anytime you ride over Rutger Street, you never see people that have alcohol and drug problems just hanging around the Rescue Mission buildings. Look into the great job they do. Most of the day they are in class learning how to overcome their problems.

As far as businesses moving to downtown, downtown lost all their stores years ago, and replaced them with office space, banks and the state office building, just to name a few.



Taxpayers need to hold leaders accountable

Out-of-control spending by the Roefaro Administration will result in a huge city tax increase. Democrats are notorious for taxing and spending money without any concern for the working class while city employees live off our backs.

Can Democrats offset higher spending through economic development, tax collection and other city ventures to curb an enormous tax increase for 2009? I see no evidence or have confidence that any change will happen. Bigger government at a city level and higher spending will hurt all taxpayers next year if we don’t put pressure on local, state and even federal officials now. Taxpayers need to hold our political leaders accountable now and in the future before more of us lose our homes and are forced to eat beans and broth while walking.