Immigrants should come here legally

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, an independent, nonpartisan member organization, the undocumented immigrant population is about 11 million in the United States. But people on the street will say, "Don’t believe Washington, we have more than 30 million illegal immigrants." No other country in this world has millions of illegal immigrants.

Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, etc., ought to be ashamed admitting that we have 11 million immigrants and doing nothing about it. It is a disgrace for our country. Why do we send them to Washington to fight among themselves and forget their loyalty to the country? Apparently, their loyalty is to their party, not country.

Why has Congress been unable to reach an agreement on undocumented immigrants? They ought to get together on a bipartisan basis and take care of the country’s problems.

Anyone who crosses our border without legal documentation is a threat to national security and public safety. They ought to be arrested, jailed, sent back — and brought back legally.

People from all over the world came to America with legal documentation. Our country welcomes all people, providing they come legally.

America treats all newcomers to our country with compassion. May God bless America.

Joseph J. Jacob, Utica


DiBrango a hands-on guy well-suited for council

As a business owner, I have come to know Frank DiBrango over the years. He has always been hands-on in dealing with any concerns or issues I may have encountered and has done his best to accommodate.

I have found that DiBrango takes pride in developing relationships with his clients. He is a hard worker and holds himself and his employees accountable. These are the qualities you can come to expect from him when you get to know him. He is honest, trustworthy, hands-on and extremely attentive to all aspects of our business relationship.

DiBrango has taken these qualities to the office of Council-At-Large and will continue to do so whenre-elected this November. I am fortunate to have Frank DiBrango in my corner.

Jodianne LaBella, Utica


Betrus a good dad and will be good councilman

I support of my father, Joseph Betrus, running on the Republican line for the 6th Ward seat in Utica. The 6th ward seat represents all of North Utica and parts of east Utica.

North Utica holds a soft spot in my dad's heart. He was born and raised there and has taken pride raising me there as well. I have also settled here. My father has dedicated a lot of his personal time the past few years going to council meetings and neighborhood meetings, trying to further his knowledge of issues and problems he plans to tackle if elected. If you were lucky you may have already been able to meet him and hear about his ideas and plans.

I believe my dad is best for this seat because of his hard work ethic and loyalty. He has taught me many lessons in life, but most important would be to always give your all and be a hard worker. Along with that comes respect, honesty, loyalty, and integrity - all things I know he will bring forward as a councilman. My father is always a man of his word and is one of the hardest working people I know. He has devoted 38 years of his life working at Coca Cola. All of his customers can tell how well they are taken care of by him. Even when trying to enjoy a day off he will be caught working on his computer or taking a call from a customer.

I believe his hard work and pride in his job as well as raising an independent, hard working woman should show what he will do as a councilman and why he deserves your vote. Please come out on Nov. 5 and support my father. You will not be disappointed

Alyssa Betrus, Utica


Koenig will work to make 11th District even better

When selecting a candidate for the county Legislature on Election Day, I urge the voters in the 11th District to re-elect Bob Koenig.

He is the best candidate based on his ability to study and research the issues that face our communities. Koenig is responsive to the needs of Whitestown, and serves as legislator not for personal gain, but rather for his love of his community. Bob has established a positive working relationship with the municipal leaders in his district and makes the needs and concerns of Whitestown known on the county level.

I am confident that he will continue to work toward the betterment of the 11th District and ask that you support Bob Koenig on Nov. 5.

Brian Judycki, Oriskany


Gentile was taught many lessons early in life

My son Michael Gentile is running for Utica Council At- Large, and he needs and deserves your support.

When my wife Sarah passed away in the year 2000, Michael was just 11 years old, and I was left as a single father of three boys. Fortunately, so much of the lessons my wife and I taught our children stuck, and because of that we got through it.

Michael was taught to always give back to his community and do his part to make things better. He was taught to respect every person in the room, regardless of their backgrounds or disagreements. He was taught to love, care and have compassion for people. He was taught to appreciate the simple things in life.

He was taught to fight for what he believes is right, even if it is not popular. He was taught that life is too short to have bitterness, and sadness in your heart.

Michael lives every day with these lessons, and he will bring all of this to the table and much more when elected to the City of Utica Common Council.

Frank J. Gentile, Utica


Mike Galime defines responsible leadership

Mike Galime has my support to continue as our president of the Utica Common Council.

Galime show a commitment to communicate the workings of city government to his council colleagues and the people of Utica. An informed electorate is essential to good government and Galime does it well.

A vote for Mike Galime is a vote for responsible leadership.

Tom Nelson, Utica