Questions on hospital should be answered

MVHS recently acknowledged that its proposed new downtown hospital will cost millions of dollars more than previously announced, in part due to increased costs of property acquisition and relocation assistance which could have been avoided if it were to have built on the St. Lukes Hospital property it already owns. It would be in the public interest for them to update us on the following issues:

1. Is regulatory authority required for the proposed heliport? If so, has it been applied for? If so, has approval been granted?

2. How many people are employed by MVHS today, how many will they employ after their new hospital is opened, and of that last number, how many will actually be employed in the new hospital?

3. As MVHS moves from excellent to exceptional, what cutting edge, state-of-the-art equipment and technology will MVHS introduce in its new hospital that is not currently available in its three existing hospitals?

4. MVHS should inform taxpayers, who are providing millions of dollars for the project, how much more or less will it cost to build downtown as opposed to the St. Luke's site they already own.

Thomas P. Bonaros, Whitesboro


Michael Galime kept his promises to the people

Michael Galime has fulfilled the promises he made when he ran for Common Council president.

He promised to bring transparency, and did that by inviting the public to every council meeting, allowing the people to bring their ideas and suggestions. He listens to and addresses them to the best of his ability.

He promised to put honesty and respect first. He does this by being up front and telling it like it is.

So if you really want to your voice to be heard and represented in our city, please vote Michael Galime for Common Council president.

Chester Lebert, Utica


Brown good choice for county's 12 district

I endorse Michael Brown for 12th District Oneida County legislator.

Brown has been an advocate for Rome since he relocated here and made Rome his home over 15 years ago. The 12th District is the only county district entirely within the city of Rome. He is a local owner of a very successful coffee shop, Copperccino’s. I worked closely with Brown in the remodeling and opening of the coffee shop. I am also on the Rome Main Streets Alliance executive board with him. He is a strong advocate for economic development in Rome and I have learned much from him.

In his first term on the county Legislature, Brown has been not only an advocate for the city of Rome but also for those who have had no voice in county government before. He is only legislator to visit many of the agencies hired by the county to run various services. He is one of the few county legislators talking about the need to improve transportation between Rome and Utica. He has stated that “the area requires more complete and comprehensive public transportation between regional employers and amenities.”

Vote for Mike Brown

Branwen R. Drew, Rome


Galimo will help guide Utica council into future

Judy Galimo is a case study in ethics, honesty and trustworthiness. She has an unwavering moral compass, and is true to her convictions.

A proven leader and small business owner, Judy Galimo has the skills needed to guide the Utica Common Council into the future.
Charles Washburn, Utica


Re-elect Mayor Palmieri and keep things happening

I live in New Hartford now, but I still love Utica. I love a lot of the people there and I’m there multiple times a week. I couldn’t be more excited about all the things that are going on in little ol’ Utica.

I take my kids to Spooktacular, Summerfest, the Boilermaker, the Sidewalk Art Show, and Handshake City, Movies in the Park and food truck rallies. I take my girls out to Saranac Thursdays, Broadway Utica, Wine and the Wilderness and we’ll go to Bank of Utica New Year’s Eve. This wasn’t like this growing up.

The parks are better, there’s buildings going up in every part of the city, and the colleges keep expanding. I expect one of my children will go to those colleges, work in those buildings and live in those apartments. I worry that Uticans have taken this for granted, like it just happened or always will happen. I was there for a lot of years where none of that happened.

In my opinion, it would be a mistake not to re-elect Mayor Robert Palmieri. Things don’t just happen; they happen because people work hard to make them happen.

Victoria Torres, New Hartford