'Caravan' is really a southern invasion

How our country has changed and not for the good. For those of us who are 70 and older we remember hearing stories about and from our grandparents coming to the USA with basically what they were wearing and did it legally along with hundreds of thousands,and because of health or other reasons some were not allowed to enter. We welcome everyone, but again legally.

What is happening and about to happen at the southern border is an invasion. My dad, uncles, and friends who fought in WWII and other horrible events in this world would turn over in their grave if they could see what is happening today.

My parents worked to do a little better in life than their parents and I worked hard to do just a little better than my parents did. That attitude and opportunities made available through working hard and education is what made this country great and now some want to lose it all. I wonder if these people think of who will pay for all the free services and how any law and order will be maintained with everyone, including criminals of all types, are among all of us because loss will be the result.

Final note, everyone should visit Ellis Island to get a emotional history lesson.

Joseph Nikodem, New Hartford


Rome school plan good initiative for all

The Rome City School District Initiative to make their schools a hub for families after official school hours and during summer vacations is an admirable objective that should be a model for all school districts.

The monthly "homework diner" with family-style dinner, planned activity, and teacher help with homework at Bellamy School is particularly commendable. The satellite office at Staley School offering mental health counseling during the school day as well as district coordination with healthy cooking classes, food pantry and services to help families get the help they need are all excellent components of the program.

It would seem that all school districts would benefit from copying the Rome School District in this initiative. As a retired teacher I can see and applaud the benefits this offers to all families afforded this opportunity.

Billie Ohlbaum, New Hartford