NHL provide security for Clinton event

In response to an Oct. 3 letter regarding protection of the Clinton Arena during the recent Hockeyville celebration:

Under the terms of the contract signed by the Town of Kirkland and the NHL, the NHL provided at its own cost and manpower for 24-hour security in the Arena during the week it was on-site. During events in the village and at the Arena during the four days, Kirkland Police Chief Dan English assigned officers as needed during their shifts. The Clinton Fire Department provided volunteers during the four days for traffic control, security and medical stand-by. No alcohol was sold at the arena or any of the Hockeyville events over the four days.

The letter writer implies that Kraft Heinz and the NHL somehow took advantage of the Town of Kirkland during this celebration. That is both inaccurate and a beyond acceptable insult to two groups who provided so much for our community. This includes:

• A donation of $150,000 by Kraft for improvements to the Arena;

• Assistance by the NHL and Kraft to make the Arena game-ready for the Sept. 25 contest between the Buffalo Sabres and Columbus Blue Jackets;

• Donation of tons of food by Kraft to local nonprofits to sell during events. The savings realized and money earned toward future community projects will last for years;

• The NHL Players Association donated $10,000 in equipment to Clinton Youth Hockey;

• The NHL is donating all profits of merchandise sales to the town to go into the Clinton Arena Improvement Fund for more upgrades and expansion plans.

If this is taking advantage of us, then perhaps the letter writer can point us toward others who will do the same!

Robert J. Meelan, Town of Kirkland supervisor


Kudos to Utica Zoo for accreditation

Congratulations to the Utica Zoo for achieving accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

To get such an accreditation a zoo must meet high standards for the care and safety of the animals, as well as a clean and safe venue for visitors. To the sponsors, donors, directors, staff, and volunteers, especially director Andria Heath, thank you for a job well done!

Ben Farda Jr., Utica


Cobb right choice for 21st District

On Nov. 6 voters must think carefully about which candidate will best represent each one of us in Congressional District 21. I am looking carefully for a representative with integrity who understands the issues we face and is able to openly communicate about them.

Why is our representative, Elise Stefanik, and her party's associated PACs hiding behind twisted negative television ads that misrepresent her opponent? The tone and falsehoods depicted in these ads are enough to make me look elsewhere for honest leadership. Media outlets have researched and revealed numerous factual errors in these ads. Why does Stefanik, as an incumbent, think that running such a negative campaign is important to her re-election? Simply put, I am not impressed at all with her choices of campaign leadership via deceit and malice.

Tedra Cobb is the candidate who will bring a sense of moral values and fresh air to Washington politics. Her campaign focus has been to listen to constituents far and wide across our district. While pointing out facts about Elise Stefanik's voting record, Tedra Cobb and her campaign have maintained a positive approach to how she plans to go to bat for her constituents. Throughout this campaign season Tedra Cobb has demonstrated her ability as a genuine leader who will work on behalf of the people in the 21st district.

Vote Tedra Cobb on Nov. 6!

Carolyn Cyr, Warrensburg


Term limits effort should be continued

I was so unhappy Lou Critelli has given up his fight for term limits.

I thought the people's voice counted. I was wrong. The politicians running our city continue to win out. Behind our backs, they make the laws. Why vote or even sign a petition just to have it tossed aside.

After living more than three-quarters of a century I no longer wish to sign a petition or cast a vote. The city of Utica will never be what the people want. What a shame.

I myself had a problem with my property being destroyed by city workers putting in handicap curbs. After my final letter to Mayor Palmieri, I could not even get him to ride by my home to see for himself. Well, what do you do as a city taxpayer? The solution, fix the damage yourself. How sad.

I hope Critelli does not give up the fight for term limits for our city.

I personally feel term limits should be in place for all politicians. Our highest office in this country has a term limit.

Wendy Bowers, Utica


Democrats, GOP need to mend fences

For those who watched the Senate Judiciary Committee's interrogation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh Sept. 27, have you ever seen or heard such a scam put on by the Democrats? The Democrats should hang their heads in shame at the way Kavanaugh was treated. Sen. Feinstein and her liberal co-horts knew exactly what they were doing and did not care whose family was destroyed – including Dr. Christine Ford's.

All registered voters (Republicans, Democrats, Independents, etc.) should keep this in mind when marking the ballot Nov. 6. Republicans should stand up for being Republicans and be proud! Let us keep the Congress in Republican hands. Get out and vote for our candidates – Claudia Tenney for Congress, John Salka for Assembly, Marc Molinaro for governor and all of the Republican candidates. Democrats have proven what kind of people they really are!

What has happened to those days when Republicans and Democrats differed but always got along after the day was over? The Democrats have gone so far left that I don't know how any moderate Democrat could get to first base in their party.

New York state is a tough state for Republicans, but this should be the year the tables are turned! Let us hope so!

Melinda M. Kopp, Chittenango