Need more answers on proposed hospital

We still have more to learn about the hospital. Questions that do not seem to have been answered:

• Why did a company that did not bid the lowest win the contract to design the parking garage at more than $1,000 per space.

• How much is the loss of property taxes and sales tax revenue over the projected life of the new buildings?

• How much will the new police maintenance garage cost including interest on the bond?

• Will the city gain a fair price for the old police garage?

• Is the total cost of the new project really close to two thirds of a billion dollars?

The total patient capacity of the new hospital is a few dozen more than St. Luke’s currently has. Why are we not converting St. Luke’s rooms to single occupancy and building a new wing at St. Luke’s for both the other half of the rooms needed and the facilities needed for new programs. We would then need to buy no land, have no tax loss, need no garage, and the total cost would be significantly less.

It’s never too late to stop a bad idea.

Richard Prenot, Whitesboro


Tenney blind loyalty to Trump disconcerting

Apparently, Claudia Tenney’s campaign has modified an adage from “money talks louder than words” to “money talks louder than truth.”

It seems that her blind loyalty to President Trump is driven only by campaign fund-raising considerations rather than basic democratic principles – Trump’s lies and autocratic, misogynist, racial, and xenophobic views be damned.

Tenney has stated that Trump lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen’s recent guilty plea “doesn’t have anything to do with the president.” Is this based on Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s recent declaration that “the truth isn’t truth?" Trump has been identified in the court documents related to Cohen’s plea as an “unindicted co-conspirator” for directing Cohen to violate the federal campaign finance law just before the 2016 presidential election. Tenney is apparently totally misinformed about this – or worse yet – has adopted Trump’s habit of lying to escape the damning truth. Tenney must believe that most of her current constituents are as unprincipled and misinformed as she is.

Tenney’s views on Cohen’s guilty plea disqualify her for continued service in the House of Representatives representing the 22nd district. If you’re looking for “truth”, vote for Anthony Brindisi in November. His truth is the real truth.

Joe Belmont, Frankfort


What logical reason for downtown hospital?

Ever since I first learned of the Mohawk Valley Health System plan to move downtown I have tried to find some logical reason for this horrendous waste of money and resources.

The existing hospital buildings are all in good condition and will be totally wasted when the hospitals move. They are now spread out so that there is no traffic congestion, which is not the case when they are combined in downtown Utica.

There doesn’t seem to be any sensible reason other than to bring more people and traffic downtown. Patients who are coming to the hospital aren’t very likely to do much, if any, shopping while there. It seems that there must be some ulterior motive for wasting about half a billion dollars of taxpayers' money. It seems only fair that if so much of our tax money is at stake, we should have a role in accepting or denying our funding for this move.

To allow politicians to make this decision is not be in our best interest. Their priorities are frequently quite different from ours.

Robert F. Petrie, Clinton


Tenney's talents are being wasted

There was a time, several times in fact, when I wrote to Claudia Tenney urging her, warning her, to disassociate herself from Trump. I encouraged her to use her assets of intelligence, energy and ambition to see the need for such a disconnect expecting that her self interests and her career evaluation would redirect her affiliation.

Boy, was I wrong ! Apparently she really subscribes to Trump's agenda and methods.

Obviously she must see no evil in her cloying association and support of his base immorality and therefore must be colored by the same paint brush of public disgust that is earned every day by the GOP.

How can she hope to prevail with the good, righteous people of her constituency? She is so out of touch with their common sense and their common decency, as demonstrated by her smiling adoration at every photo-op with Trump, that she's going to fail miserably in her quest for re-election. What a waste of potential !

I still see in her an abundance of talent that has, regrettably, been perverted to the dark side.

Carl Streeter, Ilion