Who's the real "enemy of the people?"

I frequently watch the press briefings given by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I am often stunned by her lack of transparency in defense of presidential lies. She complains during press briefings that reporters and news outlets don’t cover Trump’s many accomplishments. However, she perpetuates the lies coming from the White House and berates those reporters who dare hold her boss accountable.

Recently she was confronted by a CNN journalist, Jim Acosta, who asked her to denounce the claim repeatedly tweeted by the president that, “The media is the enemy of the American people.” Instead she offered up multiple examples of how she has been harassed and now in need of Secret Service protection. When pressed to say that “the press is not the enemy of the people," she refused. What a deliberate affront to our democracy!

Sarah Sanders suffers from delusions if she thinks her job as press secretary is to defend the lies and misstatements that have come from Donald Trump.

Is the media, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, FOX and other cable news outlets the enemy of the American people or does the enemy of democracy live in the White House? Think about it!!

Debbie Morgan, New Hartford


Buttenschon best candidate for Assembly

I support Marianne Buttenschon, Democrat candidate for the 119th Assembly District.

Whoever is elected to serve as representative of the 119th Assembly District will be required to deal with many issues vital to the people of our community. These include, but are not limited to, economic development, workforce development, medical care, women’s issues, minority issues, hunger, homelessness, public safety, support for small business, farmland preservation, veterans’ programs, and the opioid epidemic.

Buttenschon personally participates in solutions to issues while others just talk about them.

As the election season moves along, I would urge each voter to examine each candidate’s personal, hands-on participation in solving problems. If you do this, I think you will find that Buttenschon is a doer rather than a talker and will represent our community interests effectively when she is called upon to serve us in the New York State Assembly.

Don Majka, Rome


Gouging of the people has to end

I am appalled that money amounting to $14 million is being used for a fence and better security.

What will this fence be made of? Gold? What about security that goes with it? I know of many security measures that don't cost a quarter of that.

This is spending out of control. Let's put government money where it belongs: back to the people. The Constitution was written for the people, not to put money into the deep pockets of overzealous and possibly corrupt politicians.

We are gouged by Big Businesses, cable companies, phone and internet providers, not to mention auto insurance. Are we continually going to be gouged by a government that is supposed to watch out for our interests?

Locally, let's start taking care of infrastructure. Pave the streets. It is like driving in a mine field.

If you break something, fix it. In the case of all this construction, whatever they break, they should fix - and pay for; not the taxpayers. We should be telling the city what we want and don't want. Stop shoving things down our throats, and let us vote before any decision. This is our city.

Al J. Di Cesare, Utica


New emissions rules are good for planet

Heat, drought, wildfires, intense storms, decreasing biodiversity, food shortages—these are the new normal in a warming world. Into this noxious mix the White House trots out another insidious plan to heighten risks to public and planet health, overturning the new auto emissions standards, which are the best strategy for cutting carbon pollution.

The article, “In waiting for answers on gas mileage automakers stick to Obama-era rules” (OD 8/4), offers hope the White House will fail to get its way.

Climate change is not a matter of opinion. It is real, and it is happening now. Donald Trump, however, exhibits a willing blindness to reality. The future lies in an economy based on renewable energy, not fossil fuels. Even a red state such as Texas has turned increasingly to wind energy.

We need visionary leaders, not backward looking ones. In the last few months Governor Andrew Cuomo has pushed for rigorous efficiency standards, ramped up projects for off-shore wind, proposed new rules for existing power plants. He will join other states in challenging Trump’s effort to freeze auto emissions at the current level. These are measures we can and must support.

Diane Matza, Clinton