Morgan column reason to be angry

Americans certainly don't need new reasons to be angry, but if they do, Tom Morgan's column usually serves the purpose.

The practice of separating toddlers from their mothers at the border has put a moral stain on America's reputation that will take a long time to undo. Morgan asserts (lamentably, without a fact-check from the O-D) that past presidents did the same thing, and even tries to claim that it was Obama’s policy. That not only wouldn’t make it right, it’s blatantly false.

This Clinton-era law authorized, but did not require, detention for adults crossing the border illegally (seeking asylum is not illegal). Because children can't be held in jail, the potential side effect was separating children from their detained parents. Therefore, EVERY president since then has chosen not to do that - they rightly saw it as an unduly harsh and unintended consequence of overly strict enforcement.

This only changed in May 2018, and it was 100 percent Trump's decision. No other president supported it, ever. These facts are pointed out repeatedly throughout all of the honest media, and yet shoddy journalists still fail to realize that defending Trump on this issue reveals more about their morals than their politics.

C. Darryl Mattison, Utica


All should respect office of the president

Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States of America.

What you read, hear or believe has no concern. He is our president until 2021. Respect the office of the Presidency.

Sam Coriale, Clinton


Tenney campaigning much to be desired

I just had my first experience with election season mudslinging.

Claudia Tenney wants us to believe the president's characterization of sanctuary cities as being overrun by immigrant rapists, killers and drug dealers. Statistics have shown this to be pure conjecture.

Tenney seems to imply that Anthony Brindisi is in favor that behavior by not wanting to punish sanctuary cities. The president contends anyone not in favor of his draconian solutions is in favor of importing rapists and murderers, and Tenney has joined the chorus. It strikes a bit hypocritical to imply support for these heinous crimes while fully supporting the administration's policy of separating kids from their parents at our borders. Yeah, I know he "fixed" the problem that he created.

And the mailers, like: OPIOID ABUSE OVER. Who’s claiming credit? The amazing Tenney!

I applaud her for actually working toward something that will address a real issue for a change. But seriously? The mailer states that her bill received unanimous support. That indicates to me that the bill would have passed no matter who introduced it. We all can see that it was a pre-midterm election plum. For the record, I really don't appreciate being condescended to with her opioid boasts, paid for with taxpayer dollars.

John Lauber, Westmoreland