Christianity remains a mystery religion

Well, the Daily News on Easter Sunday reported that Pope Francis said that there is no hell. If there is no hell then why does the Apostles Creed say that Christ descended into hell? To deny hell is to deny moral justice.

Frankly, this is the result of excessive rationalism in Roman Catholic and Western European theology. Christianity is a mystery religion. The whole act of redemption is a mystery of faith. Theology should be mystical or spiritual, not overly rational. We have a spiritual relationship with God and the living out of that relationship is what Christianity is all about.

Furthermore, the pope may have gotten himself into deeper trouble. He may be a "manifest heretic." Pope Pius IV, in 1559, declared that a "manifest heretic cannot be pope." But, don't worry about that because since the break with the Greeks in 1054 AD the papacy has added so many theological innovations that one more doesn't make a difference.

People need to examine what they really believe and compare it to the teachings of the various churches because at death we will all have to give an account for our lives and beliefs.

Lou Poccia, Utica


Issue closer to home might be biggest threat

Learning that Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, settled in Oklahoma after growing up in Kentucky tickled my sense of poetic irony.

These two states are in the news because they underpay teachers woefully. I imagine teachers in those states are as high-minded as teachers in states with high pay but at some point you get what you pay for. Oklahoma, where one young teacher spent over $1,000 for materials, has some schools on a four-day schedule; another teacher had to bring chairs from home so students could sit during lessons.

While we shiver at the thought of a president with a limited understanding of foreign affairs facing off with a North Korean dictator being advised by a very smart Chinese leader, we should not forget that the water we drink and the air we breathe is threatened by a man educated in a state that does not value education. If worldwide nuclear war is avoided will we be so lucky in staving off disease at home?

Sandy Miley, Sherrill


Seniors still get short end of the stick

I wrote last year about a COLA payment.

Sen. Chuck Schumer was a co-sponsor of this bill, which never saw the light of day. I was told that a lot of senators were against this bill.

No one cares about the seniors. Who's getting bonuses, raises, more money in their paychecks. And the seniors, what are they getting? Close your eyes and what do you see?

Rosario Ciccone , Frankfort