Students showed respect for veterans

Once again on Nov. 8 I was privileged to attend the service conducted by the youth of Notre Dame Elementary School.

What is so impressive is seeing every child as young as 4 years old holding an American flag through the entire service. All the speeches, poems and songs are performed by the young students. The military songs of each branch of service is sung word for word and while the songs are sung each veteran's name is called and a card of thanks for their service and a poem are presented to them.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Rossi and the teaching staff the youngsters are attentive and respectful. They are being taught the values of our veterans, our flag, national anthem and country.

As a veteran I can only say thank you Notre Dame. Note: The only people kneeling here are the people in church across the street on their knees thanking God for the blessings they have received living in the greatest country in the world.

Bob Rothdiener, New Hartford


Nation should go on low-SALT diet

Recently I've begun to wonder:  When Democrats say the Pledge Of Allegiance are they pledging their allegiance to the United States or solely to the Democrat Party?
I have noticed that many have been sending in letters calling for Rep. Claudia Tenney to vote against federal tax reform, presumably because of the lack of deductibility of high state and local taxes (SALT). 
I have two observations:
1. Democrat House and Senate members will not even show up for meetings.  Seriously, how do you negotiate when you won't even talk to the other party?
2. My bigger question:   Where is the ourcry for the state and local governments to control their spending like the  Low-SALT states?
Instead of opposing  federal tax reform, tell your elected officials you want New York state to go on a low-SALT diet!
Richard E. Baranowski, Rome