Zoo's electronic sign is unsightly

For the past several weeks, I was recovering from an illness at the Pines Rehabilitation Center here in Utica (very good care, I might add). On the route back to my own home I noticed a large new Utica Zoo sign on the Memorial Parkway. While the major metal portions of the sign is in keeping with the true scenic and historic nature of the Parkway, the integrated electronic sign is unsightly and, from my perspective, an unnecessary distraction to motorists.

I would hope that the persons involved with the new sign would at least reconsider the placement of the electronic portion of the sign and place it in a less obtrusive location.

We all love the Utica Zoo, but not all of us love the sign letting us know about the Zoo.



Tom Morgan should research the facts

Concerning Tom Morgan's Oct. 2 column on the “dumbness” of protesting NFL players:

Perhaps Morgan is the dumb one. The players are protesting to peacefully and respectfully draw attention to the racial profiling and violent treatment blacks receive from some law enforcement - far more that whites receive.

So perhaps Tom Morgan is the dumb one, and he should open his eyes and educate himself with facts.



Good things ahead for President Trump

I predict that President Trump, 50 years from now - if there are any honest historians, will be rated as the greatest president of our country. And Barack Obama will be among the worst. Obama and his 8 years will be cited as the reason for the forces leading to Trump's unexpected triumph in 2016.

Washington DC needed an explosive event to shatter the status-quo and to remove the “swamp” culture that was solidly entrenched there. I am impressed with how President Trump keeps working on achieving his campaign promises despite nine months of constant total negativity from the Democrats, media, and even a good share of Republicans.

Everybody who has a love of the swamp wants to destroy our president. I don't think there is any other person who could continue to function through all the lies and dishonest/slanted news stories coming from many sources.

I predict that the next big event will be the 2018 elections - new Republicans will be elected to support our president and much of his agenda will be enacted.

I am hoping.

TOM YOUNG, Waterville


Support Messa for N. Hartford council

We have the privilege of knowing James Messa. He is not only successful and concerning to his ward, he is always available.

Whenever being called upon about the condition of our roads, public safety, traffic concerns. he answers the call.

He works hand and hand with our town supervisor and our town highway superintendent with on-going water problems and many clean ups due to the inclement weather.

He will respond quickly, giving us peace of mind. Our neighbors have had the same good results. If he doesn't have an answer, he will get one,

We urge you to re-elect Messa for councilman again in November.



Let's teach our kids what's important

I'll take a knee when I'm tired or when I'm at church, not because I want to make change.

I was excited to see my kids come home from school Monday afternoon, to hear what their idols had to tell them. To my surprise, no one had showed up.

Well they did work hard Sunday, earning their mega bucks playing the game. They must have wanted to treat themselves to another pair of sneakers, a gold watch or maybe that $1,000 bottle of champagne. I bet they'll show up tomorrow!

Get real, people! They aren't going to show up and tell our kids to stay in school, work hard and get good grades, that bullying and drugs are bad! Nope! They'll just take a knee and say their making change and not do anything else!

Our children are the future. If we teach them right the world will be better for it.

This is where spending quality time with your children, not your computer or phone, reading to them, helping with homework makes the difference!

KENITH KACZOR, Durhamville