Trump contender for 'lost cause' memorial

Now Donald Trump is adding honorably serving LGBT service members to his hit list.

And Trump surrogate Claudia ("I was Trump before Trump")Tenney resurrected the tired old anti-Italian American "mob connected" smear campaign against her opponent.

The hate and fear just builds and builds with these two. Don't blink, you may be next.

Is this really the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan? I hope not. But now Trump wants to be added to Mount Rushmore. More likely is the possibility to add him to the Confederate monument in Stone Mountain, Georgia, alongside Jefferson Davis and other heroes of the "lost cause."

But that may be in jeopardy since he has now thrown Southern poster boy Jefferson Beauregard Sessions under the bus.




Tenney should stick to issues, not names

Regarding U.S Rep. Claudia Tenney's remarks about state Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi and "the family that he comes from."

Is this the kind of mud slinging that we can expect from her during the upcoming campaign? What about the many issues that affect the people of our area? These are the things that we are interested in hearing from her.

Does she really believe that because her father was a judge that she can ride on his coattails and automatically becomes the best candidate? Tenney is sounding "Trump-like" in lowering the dignity of the campaign process.

She should stick to debating the issues and not resort to name calling. Actions speak louder than words, especially when those words are derogatory.


New Hartford


Embassy costs seem exorbitant

How many staffers does an embassy need?

Russia just expelled 755 of our embassy staff, and the embassy is still open and functioning. That is just one of 128 countries were in.

How much are we spending on this and why are our representatives not questioning these expenses?