Daley will serve

Herkimer Co. well


Mike Daley is running for Herkimer County District Attorney.

He was elected to this position in 1992, 1996 and 2002, serving for over nine years. Criminals were prosecuted swiftly and victims were effectively counseled.

There were more trials and less plea bargaining, more compassion for victims and punishment for the guilty.

Daley was an excellent DA, prosecuting countless cases, obtaining justice for the county and keeping its citizens safe. He was firm in his belief of the criminal justice system, bringing fairness to every case.

He left to run for Supreme Court at the request of Herkimer County Republicans, being their only hope of bringing this seat back, was elected in a six-county race and retired in 2011 with an outstanding judicial record.

Daley is very dedicated to home, family and community. He became aware of the increase in crime where his family still resides and was again approached by certain Herkimer County Republicans to run once more for DA, which he agreed to do.

As his secretary for over 20 years, I know he will bring integrity, honesty and compassion along with vast experience and knowledge as a prosecutor back to Herkimer County.

Mike Daley is the one and only choice to make this happen.

Please cast your primary vote for Mike Daley for Herkimer County District Attorney on Tuesday.




Vincent supports term limits

Incumbents have incredible power, with parties obligated to back their guy/gal, media afraid to go after their local politicians, and alliances that are built up not to pass necessary legislation, but to call in favors during a campaign.

Term limits keep fresh ideas and perspectives in public offices. They also limit the power that is built up by a candidate, and ensure that each representative is working for the people the represent, not campaigning to stay in office.

Elections are often so rigged due to the overwhelming advantages incumbents have that they are a poor way of keeping our representatives honest. They don’t have to accomplish much, they use the tens of thousands of dollars they have built up in office to campaign and ensure they get the votes they need.

Patrick Vincent is one of the few people fighting for term limits.

He will follow his own term limit and serve eight years no matter what, and will fight to ensure all legislators follow his lead.

It’s time for real change; it’s time for some one who is hungry to fight for conservatives, someone who isn’t going to just give you lip service during a campaign.

Vote for Patrick Vincent!





Look around city before granting raises

For council members to promote the idea of a raise at this time indicates that some representatives are not listening to their constituents.

Certainly, we have had improvements in our city yet there are still many distressing problems.

Drive around and ask why we continue to tolerate slum lords or what is being done to stop them? Why neighborhood streets, sidewalks, and curbs are filled with potholes and crumbling.

I speak mainly for West Utica, home to the brewery, the cutlery and other good businesses; it has been designated the city’s newer slum.

Why are our children allowed to ride bicycles without helmets?

Why are drug dealers allowed to openly wander our streets with Glad garbage bags? Hint: they don’t wear helmets either.

I understand the various departments may be overwhelmed and/or don’t have the budget to do better.

So until these departments are awarded the money they need and/or are better managed given their resources, I do not see how it is right that the mayor and comptroller should feel good about claiming a prize at this time.

Comparisons are irrelevant and bear no logic – if we cannot afford it, then we cannot afford it.

Results first – rewards second!