Oppose proposed plant in North Utica

In the 1950's and 60's, when North Utica was being developed, residents put up with the stench of the city dump. On warm summer nights , you could not leave your home because of the smell. In the wintertime, you would wake up to soot all over your vehicles, due to the smokestack at Baker's Greenhouses. On Auert Ave. you would drive by the Bonide chemical plant and your lungs would burn.

And now, they want to build a concrete and tar plant on Leland Avenue. What a step back in time.

Now, we have restaurants, hotels and harbor on Genesee Street with proposed shops, waterfront, amphitheater and sports fields. We don't need dust, and fumes next to our river.

Financially, this does not help the city other than a minimal amount of sales tax dollars.

On Wednesday at 7 p.m. North Utica residents will gather at City Hall. Join us and let your voices be heard and let us all persuade our elected city council members to feel our pain as taxpaying citizens .

Let's not destroy the future development of North Utica.




N. Utica wrong for cement/asphalt plant

The Utica Common Council should reconsider the sale of the property on Leland Avenue to Riccelli Enterprises.

To allow a cement/asphalt plant into the area bordering the Mohawk River would be a monumental mistake, considering that that those products cannot be produced without creating dust and a toxic smell.

The long-range plan for Harbor Point and North Genesee Street has long been as a tourist area. Grime and tar stench will not promote this goal, and will possibly drive out the businesses already established.

With a north wind, the same would be true of the Bagg’s Square area.

This type of business would, no doubt, also affect the residents of North Utica, as the smell of asphalt can be very strong for miles and the roads would be continually

covered with cement dust, or worse, cement mud.

While we believe that bringing jobs to Utica is extremely important, the net gain of 30 positions does not outweigh the potential environmental and quality of life issues that

this sort of enterprise could cause in the city. Thank you for considering our concerns.





Vincent fresh face needed in Albany

I've known 118th Assembly District candidate Patrick Vincent for 15 years. In that time I have witnessed his work ethic, dedication, and compassionate spirit. He is a successful entrepreneur, taking his once one-man company based out of his garage to a company that now provides jobs for 10 individuals.

As a successful entrepreneur, Vincent knows what it takes for a local small business to succeed. He's also seen the stagnation in our district and knows that we need to jumpstart our economy to bring back well-paying jobs and careers.

Vincent is a strong supporter of the Constitution and our second amendment rights and will carry these views to Albany. He is not afraid to speak up when something is wrong and unjust, and won't stand for the likes of the recent political corruption that seems to rule in our capital.

Vincent started his campaign in February because he saw that our district needed change. We have had the same voice in Albany for 20-plus years. Has anything improved? Now is time to make a positive change for our future. Political positions shouldn't be a career; Vincent believes in 8-year term limits. He will be our fresh face in Albany and bring success and economic prosperity back to District 118.


Cold Brook


Daley has abilities to best serve as DA

In the fall of 2012, my son was the victim of a violent crime, suffering a severe head injury. Due to the crime occurring outside Herkimer County, the victim advocate, hired by then-DA Mike Daley, received special permission from the Office of Victim Services to assist us with medical, legal and financial aspects of the matter. All paperwork was sent to her at the DA's office.

In March 2013, she unexpectedly resigned. I called the DA's office to inquire about my case and was told that since she was no longer employed they were taking no more action on my son's case. Daley was no longer the DA.

I asked for the return of my papers and was told they could not do that. During a second call I talked with an assistant who again informed me they were unable to assist me, it was no longer their business, and not to call again. They refused again to return my papers. I have yet to receive any of them.

I do not believe this is the way victims should be treated in the aftermath of a violent crime. Mike Daley has proven himself time and time again. I firmly believe he is the best qualified person for this position and hope the people are ready for a change for the better by voting for him on primary day, Sept. 13.