Vote 'no' on Leland Ave. asphalt plant

The Common Council on Sept. 7 will discuss the possible sale of property at 201 Leland Ave. in North Utica to Riccelli Northern, which plans to build a concrete and asphalt plant. This plant is classified heavy industrial, allowing environmental contamination and air pollution, such as emission of smoke and unwanted fumes.

The Zoning Board will meet on Sept. 13 to decide whether or not to grant the company a use variance to operate at this site. The plant would be located less than a mile from North Genesee Street via Wurz Ave. On Leland Ave. it is one half mile from Herkimer Road with the North Utica Shopping Center, Big Lots Plaza, Burger King, and entrance/exit for the Arterial in between.

Less than a mile is too close to the whole community. Potential loss of property value, heavy traffic, and close proximity to the river and canal raise additional questions. I urge all of North Utica to attend the Sept. 7 Common Council meeting at 6 p.m. and the Zoning Board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 5 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall and urge a "no" vote on this plant.



You deserve better than Hillary Clinton

On April 19, 1775, at a small village green in Lexington, 77 brave militiamen fired "a shot heard 'round the world", the birth of liberty and freedom!

Now, 233 years later, complacency elected a despot who preys on the vulnerable, promising them income and a life without adversity. "Transformation" reduced pride and motivation to mediocrity and dependency. Posterity will brand Obama the president who betrayed America. He poisoned the economy, divided the nation, mocks our Constitution, weakened the military, abandoned our allies, ignored illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism, doubled the national debt, Obamacare, like all Ponzi schemes, imploding!

Adding insult to injury, a shady lady leads in the polls. Have we lost our collective minds? Does a history of deception, scandals, corruption, careless security breaches and money-laundering sound presidential? The Heritage Foundation reports Democrats spent 50 years and 22 trillion taxpayer dollars building a massive government-dependent voting bloc. Hillary Clinton endorses this pathway to serfdom that's collapsing America , morally and economically.

Never underestimate Hillary's depravity; she embodies the shackles of progressivism assaulting your civil liberties. You deserve better! Your vote can restore the real America, proud and prosperous, defender of freedom, leader of the free world, cast it judiciously!



Hospital in downtown makes no sense

This proposed hospital relocation plan makes absolutely no sense. With the current arrangement, the hospital traffic is spread out over three different areas. Concentrating it all in one area of downtown Utica will result in fairly frequent traffic gridlock. And imagine how bad it’s going to be when there is an event at the Aud!

Plus, look how many local businesses will be disrupted.

Also, from a financial standpoint, it makes absolutely no sense! This fiasco will end up wasting hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars. But the people who are promoting this aren’t very concerned about that. “Hey, it’s not our money. It’s the taxpayers money that will be wasted.” We, as taxpayers, should strongly oppose this rip-off!



Why no DA debate in Herkimer County?

Rumors and untruths need to be put to addressed that pertain to the race for district atorney in Herkimer County.

Our current DA, Jeff Carpenter, did not run against Michael Daley. He ran against Mary Iocovozzi, a race he barely won.

Daley did not quit as DA. He was asked repeatedly by the Herkimer County Republican Executive Committee to run for the seat of Supreme Court judge to bring that seat to the county. Eventually Daley agreed, but with the understanding that this would not be a lifetime commitment for him. He ran and was elected.

When Judge Daley was preparing to retire from his position, he gave the Republican Committee two years to find someone to run for the judgeship. Judge Daley did not lose the seat for Herkimer County nor did he quit. The Executive Committee did put up a candidate that lost that election and the seat was lost.

That same committee set up three debates last year for the election of Herkimer County sheriff. Not one debate has been scheduled for the District Attorney race. Daley has repeatedly requested this.

Is the Herkimer County Republican Executive Committee afraid to have their endorsed candidate, District Attorney Carpenter, face Attorney Daley?