State police and local law enforcement will increase patrols to crack down on impaired driving and underage drinking this Halloween, according to a statement Friday from Governor Andrew Cuomo's office.

The enforcement campaign runs from Friday, Oct. 25 through Friday, Nov. 1, according the statement.

"Troopers will be highly visible and on the lookout for impaired and reckless drivers starting this weekend through Halloween," Superintendent Keith M. Corlett said.

There will be a number of sobriety checkpoints and additional patrols during this period, the statement says. Law enforcement will also be looking for drivers who are using their phones behind the wheel. State police will be targeting the illegal sale of alcohol to minors through underage drinker enforcement details statewide.

Troopers will be using both marked vehicles and "concealed identity traffic enforcement" vehicles, which blend in with regular traffic until emergency lights are activated, according to the the statement.

During last year's initiative, troopers investigated 1,778 motor vehicle crashes that had led to 251 injuries and three fatalities, the statement says. Troopers also arrested 266 people for driving while intoxicated and issued 16,690 total tickets for all violations, including speeding, distracted driving and other traffic violations.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that from 2013 to 2017, 158 people were killed nationwide in impaired driving fatalities on Halloween night, the statement says. According to NHTSA, 42-percent of the motor vehicle fatalities on Halloween night involved impaired drivers.