ROME — David Halpin sees the opioid crisis, flooding in the southern part of Rome, a central hub station to help with transportation and a need for a 55-and-older community as some of the issues he would want to address if elected mayor.

Halpin is running against incumbent Jacqueline Izzo. He has no previous political experience.

To address opioid and drug issues, Halpin would like to increase the size of Rome’s police force, which he said is working shorthanded. He would like to add at least one officer per year.

“You have to work it into your budget,” he said, detailing how he’d pay for the additional positions. “I know that can be done.”

To address flooding in the southern part of the city, Halpin would like to stay in-house and use the city’s Department of Public Works. He said the flooding is due to various items littering Wood Creek, causing the creek to overflow its banks.

Halpin would like to the DPW scoop out items in the creek and construct a barrier to keep items from getting into the water.

“Unfortunately, every year we have these conversations,” Halpin said of the flooding.

Halpin said a 55-and-older community is needed in the city. He said there are many older residents in the city who would like to live in a community where they would not have to worry about seasonal concerns such as shoveling or mowing the grass.

“I think it will be a game changer,” said Halpin, adding that it would free up houses in the city and allow for more people to move in.

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