What a nice day we had for our Mystery Trip the Bridgewater Seniors took.

Elaine and Ray Stocum planned the trip for us and we would leave from our meeting place in Bridgewater. Elaine had directions for all the cars and she would send them out 10 minutes apart. That was so no one could follow the car ahead of them.

Well, what a nice ride we had up and down the hills and through some small towns, always enjoying scenery around us. Some of the roads were quite curvy so we had to go slow as we weren’t used to the area.

We took two ladies with us and with their help we made it to our lunch stop at Wendy’s Diner in Cassville.

What a delicious lunch we got to enjoy. It was a buffet and had a lot of food for us to eat. We would end up with apple crisp for dessert.

It was a nice day and one everyone seemed to enjoy. We thank Elaine and Ray for the time they put into planning it. I know a lot of work went into this event as Aubrey and I have worked on them before.


I must say I had a wonderful birthday. My granddaughter Molly and daughter Cathy took me out to lunch and then in the evening Aubrey took me out to dinner. Very good.

I enjoyed reading the cards and loved all the gifts I received. Thank you to my family for making my day special.


I want to say thank you to Colin Idzi for keeping our town clock running and on time. I know it is a lot of work so we certainly appreciate his taking care of it. Seems nice to hear it chime again.


We send sympathy to the family of Eva Ford. She was such a nice lady and will be dearly missed.

To the family of Rodney Buell Jr. we send our sympathy and know he will also be dearly missed.

Our thoughts and prayers to both of these families.


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