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Reader questions trail project

I have to wonder how it is that planners and grant writers decided that a $54,500 eight-foot wide gravel road is what trail bikers, trail runners and cross-country skiers want along the Chenango Canal.

How many actual active users were consulted? Is this to be limited to between Route 46 and Woodman? The rest of the old towpath trail is an even grass surface. Skiers can use a grass surface even with minimal snow cover without ruining the ski bottom or pole tips. Runners look for an alternative to hard gravel and asphalt surfaces which are more likely to cause injury.

"Deep ruts" are caused by motorized vehicle use, which should be prohibited. I suggest grade and crown the existing trail, and plant grass where needed. Use all the excess $1000s of public funding to plant trees along all the barren east side of the canal and move the gun range so a single person can't shut down through foot or bike traffic to everyone on a nice weekend, as so often happens. Further north, there is work to be done connecting the towpath to the old railroad bed into Solsville.

Ron Blackmore