UTICA — As Anita Moller walked around the Columbia/Lafayette streets neighborhood Thursday afternoon, she got a better perspective on where the new Mohawk Valley Health System hospital and its individual departments are going, she said.

Moller works as nurse manager for the operating room, post-anesthesia care unit and central supply at the St. Luke’s Campus of the Mohawk Valley Health System. She’s excited particularly about the potential of a new hospital to bring “exceptional” health care to the community, she said.

“A state-of-the-art operating suite is going to be a tremendous asset,” she said.

The Mohawk Valley Health System invited its employees and, later extended the invitation to the public, to a celebration in the footprint of its planned downtown hospital with music from a DJ, family-friendly activities and a walking tour of the future hospital site. The tour route was dotted with information stations at which employees highlighted certain aspects of the plan, such as certain aspects of the hospital plans — private patient rooms, the central utility plant connector and traffic flow.

After walking herself, Moller manned both the operating rooms and emergency department placards. Although two buildings owned by staunch supporters of #NoHospitalDowntown lay across the street from her position, no protestors appeared during the celebration.

Earlier, Dr. Avinash Kambhampati, assistant medical director of the St. Luke’s emergency department, had manned the ED tour stop where he fielded, he said, some good questions about plans for the new ED. Although he knows about the plans for the new hospital, he, too, said he found it useful to be in the area.

“I kind of know where everything’s going in 3-D space. It’s pretty remarkable,” Kambhampati said.

Medical-surgical nurse manager Shaylynn Cozza of the St. Elizabeth Campus brought her son to the celebration “absolutely 100 percent to show support,” she said.

She took the tour and it helped put a place to the plans, so to speak, she said.

“As a direct health care worker, I just want a place,” Cozza said, “to be able to give amazing health care to our community.”

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