Dollars to donuts, if I said the words "roller coaster" to you, you would think of one thing - an amusement park, right?

Well, I mean the weather. The temperature has been up and down, and there is not enough snow in the forecast to keep the outdoor enthusiasts and winter retailers happy. Sorry folks.

Next subject – New Year Resolutions. Nope, I didn't make any, and don't plan on it. I prefer Mr. Erik Orton’s idea – “Firsts!”

Think of something you have never done before and make a decision to try it. Anyone can do it, no special equipment required. For instance you might decide to watch the sun come up. Rise and shine early, go outside and, at this time of the year, dress warm, turn to the east and wait - and hurrah! You are a success! A variation of that idea is to go somewhere special to watch the sunrise, or maybe a sunset.

Another idea is trying a new food for the first time. It’s risky I know, but it is only a "first;" you don't have to eat it again unless you liked it. There are so many things to choose from. And when you do anything for the “First Time,” your New Year is off to a great start. My problem is I can't decide what “First” I want to do first! I haven't even asked Lee about it, but I have time. It is only January 4th (as I write this).

For your information, the Department of Environmental Conservation is conducting its spring seedling sale now through May. Native seed sources are used when available. Those of you who are interested in trees and shrubs should go to the DEC website. By participating in this activity, you can make your property more scenic and at the same time useful.

The different seed companies will also be starting their spring seed sales. Planting native wildflowers attract pollinators and birds, help our environment and look beautiful.

May you folks all have a wondrous, exciting, eventful, 2019 and hopefully all your troubles will be little itty bitty ones.