ILION — The Ilion Village Board will consider options presented by engineers during a public hearing on how to address persistent water issues experienced by residents.

Mayor Brian Lamica said representatives from Barton and Loguidice discussed three possibilities the village may consider.

Lamica said the current condition of the village’s water system is “not acceptable.”

“It’s an aging system. It needs repairs,” he said. “We’re going to learn from the past, but we’re moving forward. The last board had a lot of things already in motion.”

One of the possibilities presented at this week’s public hearing included having the village’s water customers added onto the Mohawk Valley Water Authority.

“It’s certainly feasible. We’ve had some discussion with their engineers from Barton and Loguidice,” said Patrick Becher, executive director of the water authority.

Becher said the authority had a similar discussion with village representatives about 17 years ago.

“There was some interest (at the time) in shutting down the water system,” he said. “(There were) some plans drawn up at the time.”

Becher said the plans included installing lines on either state Route 5 or state Route 5S.

Becher said if the village decided it wanted to move forward with this option of being included with the authority, another study would have to be completed.

“Certainly, we’re here, willing to discuss it,” he said. “We view our role as a regional authority, not only for the health and well-being of the region, but also the financial well-being of the region. We’re certainly willing to partner with others if it makes good sense and when other parties are interested in doing so.”

Lamica said, however, he has a concern about this option.

“The only thing that it solves is the issue with the treatment plant,” he said. “It doesn’t solve anything else with the distribution system and getting the lines into the home.”

A second option, Lamica said, is to update the treatment plant and to use the current wells to supply water to it. This option would include the need to “do some infrastructure work.” A third option would encompass the second option along with doing work on Reservoir 3 to help improve distribution.

“We’re getting information out to the public,” said Lamica. “It’s not my decision. It’s not just the board’s decision. It’s everybody’s decision moving forward. We’re not going to make everybody happy. We have to do something. We have to make the best decision we can make and keep as many people as happy as we can.”