POLAND — The Poland Central School District’s Board of Education recently adopted a proposed $14.37 million budget for the 2018-19 school year.

The proposed spending plan would be a 0.84 percent increase from the current school year and would result in a 1.63 property tax levy increase, according to a news release.

For the owner of a home fully valued at $100,000 who receives the Basic STAR exemption, the proposed tax levy increase would have an impact of $15.40 per year, according to the release.

"Balancing the need to create opportunities for students with the need to be fiscally responsible to the community is always the goal when developing a proposed budget," Superintendent Laura Dutton said in the release. "This budget would maintain educational and extracurricular programs …"

Poland’s proposed 1.63 percent property tax levy increase is below the district’s maximum allowable tax levy limit of 1.96 percent, according to the release.

There have now been seven school budget seasons since the state instituted a property tax levy limit, and for the seventh time, Poland’s proposed budget stays at or below the limit.

Poland’s proposed tax levy increase is below the limit as calculated by the state’s tax levy limit formula, so the budget requires approval from a simple majority [50 percent plus one) to pass, according to the release.