Growing up, Marquis Bradford watched his mother struggle with chronic illness and the accompanying pain, which made it difficult to live her life without help.

It’s because of his experiences trying to help his mother feel better that Bradford chose to start his own company, Living Against Momentum.

“I’m really trying to make a difference and show people that if they think that nobody’s out there for them, I will be,” the 22-year-old New Hartford resident said. “What makes me happy, honestly, is seeing other individuals who are suffering, to hear their stories, and then once I hear their stories, to do everything I can to help them. Once I help them and I see that they’re prospering, I want to keep going until I know that everything is OK.”

The company, which focuses on providing emotional support for anyone who needs it, was launched recently and Bradford hopes to be able to eventually expand and reach as many people as he can. He’s already selling clothing on his website, as well as posting blog updates for people to be inspired by.

While he works on building his company on the side, Bradford is working at Resource Center for Independent Living as a youth advocate counselor, where he helps children with disabilities from ages 8-21.

Helping runs through his veins, and he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. Bradford sat down with the Observer-Dispatch to talk about his new company and what he hopes to do with it in the future:

What inspired you to start Living Against Momentum?

“My dad was an entrepreneur; he passed away a few years ago, and he had multi-million dollar companies around here, as well as Florida. ... I feel like that’s where things started, entrepreneurial-wise. Then, the helping others was from my mom, ever since I was little, she’s been ill. … She’s in pain every single day, and growing up watching that, seeing her some days not even be able to get out of bed, (I thought) what can I do? … It’s tough, when you’re young and seeing your mom struggle like that.”

What is the goal of your company?

“Emotional support. That’s all somebody honestly needs. … (I want to) give people basically a hope that they’re not alone, that there is somebody out there that is actually helping them get through their days, that’s actually there trying to make a difference, not only in the community that I live in, but worldwide.”

How do you stay driven to keep helping people all the time?

“My happiness comes from helping others, and it’s always been that way. I’m honestly not happy, unless I’m helping somebody and that’s why I love my job, it’s not even a job, it’s what I want to do. I just love helping people.”

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