Eight ladies had a wonderful get together Tuesday, March 6, at the Smyrna Public Library. The sun was shining and Arlene said it made her want to go home and open windows!

Kitty was here finishing the edges of her blue afghan. It will come in handy this winter unless she wants to use it for a gift. And Pat ventured out to play with us. It has been several weeks since we last had the pleasure of her company. She was crocheting a corner-to-corner afghan, one of our most popular patterns, and the color she was using was bright lime green. But the kicker is she was wearing the same shade of green nail polish as the green yarn in honor of St. Patrick's day!

Bonnie was working on her afghan and Arlene was a very generous friend to us all. She made all of us a knitted scarves and presented them to us. Pam brought in her placemats that she has made. There were St. Patrick's Day themed ones, Easter ones with adorable little bunnies, and spring ones to celebrate the coming of flowers.

Jan has started an Irish Hiking Scarf. It is a pattern that has been shared by the knitters and it will work up nice in her green yarn. Mary was knitting a shawl in Homespun yarn that goes from one soft color to the next. And I finished my green turtle by the end of the day. I hoped to deliver it on Wednesday but with the weather I stayed home and worked on a variety of projects like the rest of the crew.

You can come play with us or just visit. We meet from 10 a.m. to noon Tuesday mornings at the library; come on in and say “howdy.”