Guest speaker at the March 8 meeting of the Hamilton Rotary Club at the Colgate Inn was Debra Forstenzer who shared her story with fellow club members.

Forstenzer and her husband, Andy Forstenzer, moved to Hamilton just a couple of years ago, and they have quickly become connected to the Hamilton community. In addition to being a Rotarian, she is president of the Hamilton Business Alliance and works with Colgate’s Thought Into Action program to help young entrepreneurs start new business ventures.

Forstenzer is a global expert in branding, product development and integrated marketing. Working primarily in the fashion eyewear industry with such brand names as DKNY, Movado, and Cole Haan Eyewear, she has invented or re-invented and successfully marketed new products.

In October 2017, Forstenzer and a friend launched a new company called Edition Eyes to introduce trendy, luxury eyewear from emerging designers all over Europe to markets throughout the United States. Her first trade show is coming up shortly.

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