When Hamilton resident Gladys Jaquay signed up to be part of a recent contest sponsored Paul Oil & Propane she never believed that she had the chance to win and was surprised when Jerry Fuller, president of the company, contacted her to say that she had won $250 in fuel products.

“I don’t usually win anything at all,” said Jaquay. “There was a contest for a quilt at the Community Wellness Center and I joked that I could buy all the tickets but one and still not win.”

Fuller explained that Jaquay was one of many Paul Oil customers who signed up for the contest. All they needed to do was agree to an energy survey by Zero Draft who did the surveys and then followed up with recommendations for conserving energy, heating options and more. Customers were under no obligation to do anything more than the survey and, as an extra bonus, all who signed up received $50 towards a Paul Oil product.

“Some folks did something with what they learned from the survey and others didn’t. It was that simple,” said Fuller.

“This is just wonderful,” added Jaquay. “Thanks to Jerry and Paul Oil for doing this. I really appreciate it . . . especially this time of year.”

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