RIO DE JANEIRO — There are some Brazilians who aren't likely to find much to enjoy about the start of Rio de Janeiro's world-famous Carnival parades: the mayor, the governor and the president.

An anti-establishment tone has been echoing through this year's Carnival celebrations. And Sunday night's 700-meter (2,300-foot) parades through the Sambadrome are expected to feature entries blasting the country's political leadership at a moment of economic slump and political scandal.

President Michel Temer, Rio Gov. Luiz Fernando Pezao and Mayor Marcelo Crivella are expected to skip the two-day bash. The samba parades used to be a magnet for politicians before a massive corruption probe began in 2014.

The anti-establishment attitude has also been seen in costumes and songs at street parties in Recife and Sao Paulo.