Guess what folks! The main topic of conversation has been how cold it has been in our area. And it seems that all the schools decided not to have school last Friday, Jan. 5. Seems like a plan to me. All the little kids who have to get up so early to be ready for their bus and then to top it off they have to go out in zero-degree weather is a real bummer. Glad I'm not in school!!!

I asked Google about temperatures around the USA and a couple of foreign places. Amsterdam, Netherlands, was 41; Montreal, Canada, was minus-5; Tacoma, Washington, was 44; Nome, Alaska was 24; Dallas, Texas, was 45; and Miami, Florida, was cold at 57. And Smyrna was 5 degrees. BUT the forecast for this week is much better. It was something to look forward to - into the teens and lower 20s. Then all the snow we have accumulated will melt off.

No snowmobiles running around here that I have heard or seen. But up north in West Leyden there is more than enough snow. Cousin Dona says it is perfect snowmobiling weather. No Lee and I are not moving further north. We don't have snowmobiles!

The birds are crowding around the various feeders. We have blue jays, mourning doves, chickadees, a red-bellied woodpecker hangs out here in the back yard, the ground is covered with juncos. There is enough activity that maybe I should take a few pictures.

Keep warm, be safe, and don't do anything stupid like running around without a coat. Zero-degree weather doesn't tolerate mistakes. And make sure you have a couple of blankets in your vehicle as you commute long distance to and from work. Your mamma worries about you all.

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