UTICA — An inmate appeared in Oneida County Court on Wednesday in connection with the alleged assault of a Midstate Correctional Facility correction officer.

In court, Chaz Robinson, 33, was ordered to undergo a mental competency exam, and his case was adjourned to Jan. 10.

Robinson, a convicted rapist from Monroe County, was charged with first-degree sexual assault, first-degree unlawful imprisonment and second-degree assault after an April 2 incident in which law enforcement officials say he attacked and groped a female correction officer at Midstate Correctional Facility where he was incarcerated.

The incident occurred around 2:55 a.m. inside one of the dorms at the medium-security prison. Robinson allegedly walked into the officer’s station with the blanket from his bed, threw it over the officer’s head and then began to grope and attack her.

"He threw a blanket over her head, violently threw her across the room and slammed her to the floor. This vicious attack on her person included sexually groping, mauling, punching and kicking at her," reads a statement from the state Correction Officers PBA. "The design of the office is such that when he entered, he slammed the office door behind him, causing it to lock, assuring his victim could not be heard or helped by any others on the housing unit."

According to Observer-Dispatch archives, while on the ground, the officer was able to pull and activate her emergency pin, causing an alarm to sound. Then, Robinson ran out of the office and into the dorm bathroom. It was there that two other inmates who heard the alarm ran after Robinson and held him until a response team arrived on the scene, officials said.

Robinson, who previously was convicted of first-degree rape in Monroe County in 2012 and sentenced to five years in prison, was transferred to Five Points Correctional Facility. 

About 25 correction officials attended the court proceeding in support of the victim Wednesday.

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