The world premiere of the film “Pottersville” Nov. 10 at the Hamilton Movie Theater went well beyond being simply a trip out to see a movie. The festive occasion not only took place at the movie house but spilled over to a variety of venues throughout the area, as the long-awaited film finally came to the big screen.

“This is a true community event,” said theater manager Sean Nevison, noting several businesses around the village also enjoyed their own part in the festivities. “It’s been a long day, but a great day, and we are excited to bring this movie to the community. We’re blessed to have this great staff here who can handle all of this Bigfoot craziness.”

If it seems there is something familiar about the village of Pottersville in the movie, that’s because it was filmed in Hamilton in January 2016. While stars Michael Shannon, Judy Greer, and Ron Perlman led the cast, many other faces seen in the film will be well-known as well, as many locals came out for the filming in various roles, including a few thespians boasting speaking parts in the final cut.

Several of the filmmakers, including director Seth Henrikson, writer Dan Meyer, and producer Jonathon Black, returned to Hamilton for the premiere.

The movie tells the story of Pottersville, a village that has fallen on hard times until the furor of a Bigfoot sighting brings a renewed vitality to the area. To portray the down-on-their-luck businesses, many of the storefronts around the village green were transformed into the dilapidated and unsightly places seen in the film, including the massive facelift to the Colgate Inn that turned it nearly post-apocalyptic.

Reyna Stagnaro is one of the local thespians appearing in the film, and she said she was not only excited to see herself and her friends, but the village itself - even as transformed as it was for the plot.

“I just want to see Hamilton and all of its sparkling glow,” she said just before the debut. “Hamilton is a magical place and I think the movie will be able to capture that.”

“Pottersville” will continue with showings at the Hamilton Movie Theater through Nov. 23. For movie times, to purchase advance tickets, or any other information, visit: