This week’s food review is about the Triangle Coffee Shop at 244 Genesee St. in Utica. Reporter Carolyn Bostick and her guest, Lynne Mishalanie, ate there recently and had this to say:

About the restaurant: I have long admired the beautiful architecture of the building that houses the Triangle Coffee Shop. With an elegant brick frame making up the triangle shape, the building has been a downtown institution as a much-loved eatery.

With simple staples of Americana, the restaurant makes for a delicious stop on the greasy-spoon circuit.

Tuesdays, the Triangle has an all-day breakfast special to assuage any hankerings you have.

Couple tasty food with old-fashioned prices and you have the formula for a local favorite.

The restaurant had new owners take over in January, but many of the signatures of its longevity remain.

Take note, however, that if you plan on stopping by, you'll need to pay your order in cash.

What we ordered: Iced tea, $1.38; soda, $1.38; grilled cheese with tomato, $3.25; grilled cheese with bacon, $3.95; fries, $2.00; sweet potato fries, $2.50.

Lynne had the grilled cheese with tomato and sweet potato fries and Carolyn had the grilled cheese with bacon and fries. The restaurant had sold out of its dessert of the day, so unfortunately we were unable to try their sweet treats.  

Lynne’s review: As a frequenter of the restaurant, Lynne's favorite part of going to the Triangle is people-watching from a table outside. 

When our food arrived, she enjoyed the simple meal and the hum of the community around the outdoors tables as we munched away.

"It's delightful. I love eating on the street. It(the sandwich) could have stayed on the grill a little longer but it's delicious. That's the taste of real butter," she said.

Carolyn's review: It's been a while since I had a grilled cheese sandwich made with cheese other than cheddar and it was better than I remembered.

My grilled cheese with bacon sandwich was tasty and the American cheese was creamy and melted well, combining well with the yummy salty taste and texture of the bacon. My fries were delicious, perfectly cooked and fresh.  

Our favorite part: The atmosphere and simple dining aspect of the restaurant.

Could be improved: The sandwiches could have been grilled a bit longer to make them more crispy.


Atmosphere: 4

Taste: 4

Presentation: 3

Service: 5