The American Wildlife Conservation Foundation (AWCF) is sponsoring a public presentation on Tick-Borne Diseases, Control and Prevention as part of its fall membership meeting. The meeting will be held Sept. 15 in the Dewitt Town Hall, 5400 Butternut Dr., East Syracuse.

The public is invited to attend the 10 a.m. informational session and will be welcome to sit in on the AWCF’s Annual Membership Meeting which will follow the presentation. This business meeting will update those present on the status of on-going projects, new initiatives being undertaken and the election of board members and officers.

The program will be presented by Nicholas Piedmonte, graduate research assistant at the SUNY ESF Research Foundation, SUNY ESF Syracuse, who is working at completing his Master’s Degree in Fish and Wildlife Biology and Management. Piedmont will speak about tick and tick-borne disease research.

Piedmonte's presentation will focus on medically relevant species – particularly the blacklegged tick (deer tick), including a brief overview of tick biology and ecology; identifying features and tick-borne diseases associated with major tick species; transmission, symptoms, and typical medical treatments; personal preventive measures; currently available pet-related anti-tick products; and methods for reducing exposure to ticks and tick-borne diseases around lawns and gardens. Piedmonte will also present research findings on Onondaga County tick abundance and disease testing.

“Tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease have caused great concern among people who enjoy the outdoors. We hope this presentation will help people not only understand the diseases, but also learn to prevent infection.” said Hamilton resident Gary Will, AWCF president.

If you plan to attend, register with Secretary Ron Schroder at or call 585-334-0183; seating is limited.

To learn more about the conference and the AWCF, visit