Hope your Labor Day holiday weekend was something special. Last swim, last picnic, last vestige of summer. The trees are already turning color. It was the last weekend of the Great New York State Fair and all the changes created quite the buzz.

September also means the start of school for the youngsters and while they might not be looking forward to it, it's part of growing up. All you drivers need to leave for work earlier rather than the usual time you have all summer to accommodate the busses stopping to pick up the kids. You do have to stop and do not pass a stopped school bus. Thank you for paying attention.

Adults have something to look forward to here in Smyrna in September. Last spring Art Bennett said the Country Music Jam would start up again. The proposed date for good ol' time jamming and singing is the last Saturday night of the month; that’s Sept. 24. There is always a good crowd and there are refreshments available. The Music Jam is free. Your toes get to tappin' in time with the music and you can get up and exercise by dancing - if you can!

The members of the former Morrisville Garden Club got together for a picnic up at the Lebanon Campgrounds. The Hartshorn family were our hosts. The Morrisville Club disbanded officially in 2015 but we all enjoyed each others' company and decided to get together once a year to catch up with gardening triumphs, mishaps and good friendships.