This year’s incoming high school freshmen will be the first class who likely were not even born on the day thousands lost their lives during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington, and in a field in Pennsylvania.

For them especially, the Sherrill Merchants Association will continue their annual 9/11 Memorial Ceremony at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 11, at the Reilly-Mumford Memorial Park, featuring a hillside filled with American flags, bagpiper Dan Skinner, the Sherrill American Legion post, police, firefighters, students, and speeches by local luminaries.

“Someone told me the other day that there are kids out there who don’t know what that day was all about,” said chairperson Vicki Andrews. “This is our way to remember the people lost that day, while also honoring all of our police, firefighters, and emergency personnel for their own sacrifices.”

Local businessman Ken Brewer is the emcee. Brewer was in a Hoboken, New Jersey, hotel at a sales meeting on Sept. 11, directly across from Manhattan and with a clear view of the World Trade Center tragedy as it happened.

Brewer recalled there was a growing commotion at the meeting, so they took a break to go outside. He said they could see the smoke rising from the first building, and then he saw the second plane hit the other.

When the towers finally fell there was silence all around them, Brewer said, as he and the rest of the spectators knew they had just witnessed the deaths of scores of people.

“It was something I will never forget, and it makes you realize how important all of the police and fire personnel are who help to keep us safe,” Brewer said.

The Sherrill Merchants Association is selling tags to adorn the flags as a fundraiser for $10 each, and those can be designated with the names of any living or deceased personal hero from military members to first responders to beloved friends and family. For more information, call Andrews at 315-363-5638 or visit