Oneida County ranks in the top five counties across the state in terms of successful expansion, job creation and retention projects.

Oneida County ranks in the top five counties across the state in terms of successful expansion, job creation and retention projects.

The report, released in August by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, shows that job creation projects supported by industrial development agencies across the state, produced about 36,000 additional jobs in 2014, up 18 percent from the year before. Oneida County clocked in with 89 projects and an estimated net jobs increase of 10,476 due to either job creation or retention efforts through business stabilization and expansion. It ranked No. 4 behind 

New York City, Suffolk County and Monroe County. The Town of Amherst was No. 5.

This is ongoing work, local stakeholders say.

On a continually rolling basis, businesses create "projects that apply to IDA" for tax credits, said Jen Waters, Mohawk Valley EDGE spokeswoman.

"Projects come in from all over," said Waters, which apparently is the case across the state.

Looking at the June 2016 Comptroller's reports' numbers — which took a close look at 2014 activity — county-based IDA's spawned the highest percentage of IDA projects by local government class to the tune of 60.1 percent or 2,751 projects.

“IDAs are an important catalyst for economic development in our state,” DiNapoli said in a release. “But as the value of tax exemptions to private businesses continues to increase, taxpayers must be reassured that their community is receiving promised benefits."

Waters pointed to several previously reported projects as examples of the local IDAs success. Among them:

* S. R. Sloan Inc., a truss-manufacturing company based in Whitesboro, received a state Community Development Block Grant for a $1.2 million project that will enable the company to purchase two major production lines to expand its pre-engineered wall panel construction division. The funding — applied for by Oneida County IDA — also is expected to add eight jobs to the company's 70-person workforce.

* Northland Communications will create about 45 jobs next spring when it closes its Utica office and expands its Holland Patent headquarters. The communications system provider was granted a five-year commercial PILOT agreement from the Oneida County Industrial Development Agency for its $4 million project to renovate the Holland Patent site.

Work at the state-level has been done to achieve and maintain job-creation goals.

According to DiNapoli's office, in 2015, legislation was passed to improve the process for IDAs to approve new projects and strengthen methods to recapture financial assistance if project goals are not met.

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