PrattMWP just got an infusion of Brooklyn

UTICA — PrattMWP just got an infusion of Brooklyn.

The Genesee Street art school, an extension campus of Pratt Institute in New York City, has a new dean who previously chaired the fine arts department in Brooklyn for a dozen years, during the time the Utica site was formed.

“In fact, my lanyard is vintage, 2000,” said Donna Moran, dean of the School of Art & Design, pulling out a set of keys with a lanyard denoting her new school’s name. “They don’t make these like this anymore,” she joked.

How did you get into art?

Pretty much since second grade. My teacher put a portrait of my father that I did up as an example and that was pretty much it. People often gravitate toward what they’re praised for versus what they’re not praised for.

What do you think of the campus so far and the students you’ve met?

I think it’s a wonderful program, and these students that I met during orientation — I think I met probably close to 100 percent of the students checking in. One-hundred-and-four students, two transfers — they were all friendly, articulate and very excited to be here.

How are the campuses alike and different?

It’s not so different being in Brooklyn. It’s bigger. We have an amazingly diverse first-year class. In all my years of teaching, I’ve never seen anything quite like that. There are people from different countries. There are people with different ethnic backgrounds. There are people who have been living in the United States who are international, so their experience levels are so different. A number of languages spoken.

What are your goals going into this school year?

Pratt in Brooklyn has been going under something called curriculum conversion. Part of my job is to bring the courses that are being taught here up to date with the courses that will be taught starting in fall 2017. Another part is going to admissions events and meeting some of the local people here, local teachers, students, their parents. Of course, getting to know the culture. Because even though I’m old here, I’m new here.

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