After a hectic full week in both Hamilton and Morrisville, classes are now back in full session for students at both Colgate University and Morrisville State College.

Colgate welcomed the class of 2020 Sunday morning, Aug. 21, before upperclassmen returned over the next few days. Classes that began on Thursday with a half-day schedule and a busy weekend, including many athletic events, helped to complete the week.

The first-year students were greeted at the university’s main gate by music and a group of enthusiastic volunteers and upperclassmen who cheered, banged on pots and pans, and encouraged passersby to honk their horns if they love Colgate – and many did. Once on campus, the new arrivals traveled up Oak Drive and down to Whitnall Field where more volunteers carefully loaded their belongings into the back of trucks for the short trip up the hill to the residence halls which will be the home of many for the next four years.

The reported first-year enrollment at Colgate is 775 out of 8,394 applicants from 50 states, the District of Columbia and 138 countries. The average GPA for the students is 3.8 out of 4.0, with 95 percent in the top 20 percent of their graduating classes.

Morrisville State College’s first-year and transfer students arrived Aug. 25, with the upperclassmen returning the following day. The Mustang fall athletic teams took some time out of their busy training schedules to welcome the freshmen class to campus on Thursday.

It was the 11th straight year that student-athletes from the football, field hockey, volleyball, men’s soccer, women’s soccer and cross country teams, assisted the incoming class with moving into their dormitories, a day that can be overwhelming for not just students, but parents alike.

More than 220 student-athletes and coaches took part in the service endeavor, sharing some friendly smiles and making the process for parents and their students less stressful and more enjoyable.

Active in community service initiatives, the Mustangs just a year ago logged more than 3,000 hours in projects that gave back to the community and participated in more than 30 events, while raising $9,871 for charitable organizations.

In July, the Mustangs were honored by the North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) as recipients of the Senior Woman Administrators Cup, which acknowledges commitment to service in the community.

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(Morrisville State College Information was provided by Brandy Thurston, associate athletic director for Compliance and Sports Information.)