The Worn Again staff would like to congratulate the winners of their first raffle - John Ayers, Harry Scollei, and Ainsley Gorman. They each won a three-month membership to the Wellness Center in Hamilton.

A second raffle is now underway. The prize is a one-year membership in the Lifelong Learning Program whose theme is “Never stop experiencing the joy of learning.” The program is a “collaboration between the Hamilton community and Colgate University to provide adults with ongoing education for the enrichment of their lives in a diversity of fields.”

To enter the drawing, drop a ticket with your name and phone number into one of the fish bowls available at either the Worn Again shop, the Hamilton Food Cupboard, the Community Room at Madison Lane Apartments, and at the Hamilton Farmers Market.

The raffles are just two of the ways that Worn Again thanks the community for its support.