It seems rumors have been the talk of the village and it has been confirmed that the former Utica Knitting Co. Mill has been sold. The mill was built in 1897 and has had a number of different companies run it and they manufactured various products there.

This sale of the mill will not be a business as the company which bought it is stripping the mill for salvage. After they get the stripping done, they plan to take down the mill and reuse the bricks.

It was nice to hear that the mill got bought but sad for the village that it would not be a business but would be torn down. This old mill is a part of the history of the town and village.

Oriska Valley Senior Citizens:

The senior citizens held their annual picnic at the Oriskany Falls Firemen’s pavilion. It was our chicken barbecue. Someone different did the barbecue and I didn’t think it was quite the same.

The auction we always had in the past was changed to a bag auction where you purchased tickets and then names were drawn from the tickets you put in the bags. They had a lot of nice items but they did the drawing so fast, you couldn't see what people were getting. In my opinion, it wasn’t as much fun as an auction where you bid on items.

Another problem was that everyone was supposed to bring an item for the sale, but some people didn't bring anything so not everyone got to take something home. I hope next year it will be different.


I had planted red begonias in pots in my garden and they have grown so much! They are just beautiful and certainly brighten up my garden. I love going out there just to sit and enjoy them.

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